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About Us

Crypto Oxygen

The Crypto Oxygen Team

We have combined our due diligence expertise and extensive industry network to establish a marketplace dedicated to verified crypto mining sites.

We are a Munich based M&A consultancy firm specialized in crypto due diligence. With projects surpassing $1b in mining investments we are the number one partner for Bitcoin data center due diligence.

Our mining due diligence typically comprises these topics:

  • Getting to know the project team via video call

  • Background check

  • Verifying ownership of the site

  • Commercial review of relevant legal documents

  • Verifying power availability and conducting power market research

  • Reviewing technical plans

  • Reviewing funding and financial planning

  • Periodic project updates

What we bring to the table

  • 60+ years cumulative consulting experience

  • Successful projects with over $1b in transaction volume

  • Extensive network of experts including mining, staking DeFi, DAO’s, tokenomics, NFT’s and investor relations

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